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Making Good Compost

Good Compost to grow great things part two

I’ve decided to write a good compost to grow great things part two because this is such a long winded subject. I couldn’t get all of this to fit into one already lengthy post. If you haven’t read the first part you can find it here: Compost to grow great things. I believe that anyone serious about gardening for […]

Good Compost

Good Compost to Grow great things

Making Good Compost to Grow great things. In the next two posts I will go over what I believe good Compost is, and what goes into making good compost. But first I need to make something clear, If you came here to read about how to make compost in 18 days, that’s not what were gonna […]

Basalt Rock Dust

Basalt Rock Dust helps grow plants

Basalt rock dust grows plants? Well let me explain. A while back I was driving down the road and turned on the radio. It was talk radio and they were discussing how the geysers in Yellowstone National Park work. Also about volcanic hot spots around the world and what makes Yellowstone in particular so special […]